Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tuesday taggers

Sorry for being a day late with this but yesterday was my twin girls 5th birthday.... and the day disappeared in a whirl of pink balloons, shiney steamers and a mountian of pressies in princess paper!
Sally picked the challenge this week and its SHOES.... any kind of footwear really... the DT have done some lovely things so please go check them out. Knowing this challenge was going live on my girls birthday i made this atc with them in mind.... their first pairs of shoes were black patent leather.... i have kept them of cause.... and the words are so true.... my girls are no longer twin babies.... they are two individual little ladies, and every day is a step towards them growing up.
The stamp came from SCRAPS.... its coloured with ink... and i 'marbled' a background.
Thanks for visiting.... sorry guys for being a day late.
love lynx


  1. I love these shoes, Lyn - they remind me of the patent leather shoes I finally got to have instead of those awful white oxfords my mom insisted on making me wear when I was young. But the white oxfords were great at "Kick Ball." This sounds like a fun challenge - I think I might be able to play.

  2. Love this little atc the shoes are adorable. Happy 5th Birthday to the twins had no idea they were so young you really do have your hands full. xx Zoe

  3. Love your ATC, Lyn. I've still got Meg's first shoes and she is 13 now. They grow so quickly. Of course you had to spend the day celebrating with your girls. Just so you know, Meg's pink phase lasted about six months, then turned to purple and at the age of ten she preferred black! A girl after your own heart I think!

  4. A wonderful ATC Lyn, love the idea and the sentiment behind it. Amazin!
    x Michelle

  5. Fabulous ATC, the shoes are just like my daughters first pair which I have kept of course, she is nearly 28

  6. Ahhh. I love this.

    I have my daughter's first pair of shoes.