Monday 31 October 2011


Welcome to the last day of our month long HALLOWEEN celebration..... an amazing 31day blog hop..... including todays project i have actually made and posted 56 things for this month....... WOW! To day we have a new challenge at MACABRE MONDAY and it is.......
Heinously Haunted Houses
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piecethat features a haunted house as the focus.This IS Haunted Design House after all :) The more decrepit, deteriorating or disturbing... the better!
I was a bit stumped by this...... but ended up making a mini album/book...... i cut 4 different house shapes from thick card and covered them with papers from my stash......
i used stamped images from loads of different companies to decorate the pages...
ribbons to hold it all together, rub-ons, a few stickers and german scrap around the roof edges.

Sorry there are so many pictures but i wanted you to see i didnt cheat and just do the front and back....i did think about it but thought i'd better be good and do a complete project as its the last day. So come on folks, we minions at HDH want to see your HAUNTED HOUSES this week.... and there is a wonderful prize from the mistress herself.

I Also today i want to share with you 2x skulls my girls have decorated for Halloween....they painted them and used stickers, stamps, gel pens and gems..... these now stand on the window sill beside the front door so the trick or treaters tonight can see them.

I shall enter the following challenges INSPIRATION FROM THE PHOTO


Thanks to all those who visited every day..... you really are special people and made it all worth while. Much love to all lynx

Sunday 30 October 2011

Welcome today #30 of the 31 days of Hallow e'en ..... i am joining in with THE WITCHES TEA PARTY, UNDER HALLOW E'EN MOON...... its also my last day as guest at DE-STEMPELWINKEL so it would be wonderful if you could find time to pop over there and leave a comment...please....and its my day to post for THIRD COAST. so i'd better get on with it.....

i would have loved to have had a real witches teaparty but i thought it'd scare Grandad.... so instead i made a miniture one....

...and called it SISTERS REUNION.... the stamps are of cause from destempelwinkel.... thank you Jetske... i had so much fun making this..... the sisters are all around the table drinking tea.... little candles i had great fun making....then burning so they'd drip nicely.... i shouldnt mention that i actually set fire to the paint work... but i have just so you know that my art is dangerous!

I made broom sticks.... how else would these sisters travel? I altered tiny cups and saucers with 'witchy' words.... made a dappy looking pumpkin from clay... made a banner.... ooooh all sorts....

..... this really was so much fun to make..... there are all sorts of

little bits and pieces to look at.......

...... i hope you enjoyed my witches tea party..... i really had a fantastic time painting... stamping, modelling, making...... and i bet my tongue was out half the time just like my dappy pumpkin....

....its a dreadful habit i have when i'm concentrating..... now on to my witchy piece for THIRD COAST......

....A 12''X 12'' WALL PIECE....every stamp is available from ...yep you guessed it...THIRD COAST..... i thought i do a pretty witch piece to follow the SISTERS REUNION... using pretty witches! I used just black, green, orange and purple.... with just silver to

accent the pieces.... every piece is made into a tile.... 3x coats of UTEE.... it would make a nice wall piece if i ever do manage to have a real full size witches tea party. I shall enter the following challenges..... HATS OR FLOWERS....hats on both my pieces SPOOKY OR WHIMSICAL... the teaparty is whimsical SOMETHING TO DO IN THE FALL...have a teaparty. ALTER A FRAME...the teaparty is in a frame LANTERNS, LIGHTS OR CANDLES....candles T IS FOR TEATIME....teaparty COLOUR CHALLENGE...the second piece is the colours listed IMAGE WEARING A COSTUME OF SOME pointy hats and witchy dresses.

Thanks for visiting me.... see you tomorrow for the final day of our month long Hallowe'em celebration. love lynx

Saturday 29 October 2011


Welcome to the last weekend in October.... our month long hop is nearly i have a couple of boxes to show you..... One is POE and i made it to put the Poe bracelet in that i made the other day ..... as Laura was the winner on one of the days i sponsored and she chose it.... i recycled another Poe project to decorate this box...... .....the other box has an image of me on.... oh how i wished i looked this good! Its an image that Marcus at TELLENS PLACE drew of me last year.... and i couldnt let Halloween go without using it again.....

..... this is a close up of the cracked glass technique i used on Poe..... (SMEARED INK STAMP!)
.... and flowers i made.

Here i am conjuring up something pink and sparkly.....

....... and a sneak peak of whats inside it...... a gift for someone i have come to know during this month long hop.... shes a sweetheart whose had a bad time.... and she wanted the pink -one size fits all-to much to mention bracelet that i made for my sponsoring..... Monique chose it as her prize..... so i set about making something similar.... not the same but similar.
Thanks for visiting me.... see you tomorrow for day 30 love lynx

Friday 28 October 2011


Welcome to day#28 of the 31 days and to the new challenge at DELICIOUS DOODLES......

Good versus Evil ....Saintly Good stuff, or Ghostly Evil stuff.We are celebrating two festivals... Halloween on 31st October and All Saints Day which follows on 1st November. You get to choose which theme to follow, or you could combine them both, it's up to you!!

I went for GOOD gone BAD......
I used 3 of Teri's lovely images and cut them about to make what i wanted..... a really sassy looking Angel.... one with devilment in her eyes..... i used GRAVE YARD SCENE..... VOODOO WOMAN and PEGASUS..... i used promarkers to colour her face and ink to colour the other images and the background.
I wrote FALLEN ANGEL in gold.... and added just a few tiny gold high lights...and edged the arch shaped card in gold too.
I shall enter the following challenges .... HALLOWEEN BLACK AND WHITE SCARY LADIES PINK AND BLACK ( her face is shades of pink) USE DIGIS. NOT SQUARE SPOOKY BLACK AND GREY FACES
Hope you can join in our challenge this week.... i'm sure you 31 dayers can! See you tomorrow for DAY 29.... love lynx

Thursday 27 October 2011

DAY #27 of the 31 DAYS OF HALLOWE'EN

Welcome to day #27 of our month long Hallowe'en celebration.... i cant believe its nearly over.... anyhow onto todays projects..... yes i have 2 again ....the 1st is the piece i made for a bird cage swap organised by my dear friend Frankie (of Dragons dreams).... my poor swap partner has been very patient with me as this should have arrived with her about the time my Nan died....i lost september with nursing Nan in her final weeks, her death , funeral and helping Grandad come to terms with his loss and loneliness..... but here it is finally...and its in the post to her! Poor lass said she had had a look at my blog and survived! So i hope she likes my Mr Poe.... i used pages from one of my Poe books... a die cut cage, Smeared ink stamp and Raven stamp from i dont know who.... gems, drops, brads, ribbon with skeletons on.... the raven i heat embossed and cut out..... i liked the idea of Poe caged and the raven free.... inner meaning and all that..... as he was a troubled soul.
My 2nd piece is another bracelet..... i had a few of the mounts left over from another bracelet i made ages ago.... so again i used mr Poe.... stamped onto shrink plastic and sealed in the mounts... i added chain and beads.... its a terrible picture as we have bad light here with this yucky weather.... but hopefully its good enough for you to see what its like.

I am todays sponsor for the 31 days so check out Terras blog for instructions and you could win one of the pieces from my range of jewelery..... even Mr Poe bracelet if you wanted it.

I shall enter the following challenges....... USE 2 FROM THE LIST.... (Poe cage) i used black and distressing. SOMETHING THAT FLIES.(Poe cage) RAVENS.(Poe cage) ANYTHING GOES.(both) FACES (both)

Wednesday 26 October 2011

DAY 26 of the 31 DAYS ....dragons dream..... plus...

WARNING ....this is another mega post....
Welcome to day 26 and i'll start off with our new challenge at DRAGONS DREAMS.... this weeks film title has been chosen by my teamie Helen, PLANES TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES, So we're challenging you to make a TAG with a travel theme.....
................ my choice? A broomstick! What other form of transport/travel could i chose at this time of year? My tag is really simple.... stamped, a mask for the moon, coloured with promarkers, ink and white gel pen. The words i printed out on the computer. My usual black tag base..... easy but hopefully effective and fitting for our new challenge. Please come and dream with us this week....
Next..... its my last but one piece for DESTEMPELWINKEL......... please if you have time clink on the link in my sidebar and say 'hi' on their blog.
I made a domino book.... SAMHAIN blessings..... using 2x altered dominos and a 12 inch strip of paper that i conertina folded,

stamped on both sides..... i used a few rub-ons as well.....

...... promarkers and ink to colour my book images..... ribbon it tie my little book shut.

This was such fun to make.... i really shall make some more soon..... all the stamped images are of cause from DESTEMPELWINKEL, and as i said before the link is on my sidebar.

Finally...... you're nearly at the end now!....... we the dt at SMEARED INK have been given a KENNY K image to work with today as they're the sponsor for the 31 days today.

Heres my offering..... as you know i am not a card maker..... and we were no allowed to use other companies stamps with this image so i was rather limited..... i used the sketch from FOREVERNIGHT CHALLENGE.... papers from my stash...... coloured my image with promarkers and fussy cut her.....

I cut loads of pumpkins from a piece of my paper and used then

around my image and as embellies down the side of my card.

Sorry about the glare on the pumpkins on the side.... but they are glittered....eeeeeek! GLITTER!.... I didnt glitter them... it was glittered before i cut it up....HONEST!

I shall enter the following challenges with some or all of these pieces.....

 HALLOWEEM FOR A MALE. (KK card.) ORANGE GREEN PURPLE AND BLACK. (domino book and KK card) THINGS THAT FLY.( witch/broomstick tag) HALLOWEEN/FALL/COLOURS (all the projects) RIBBON/HALLOWEEN( domino book)

Thanks for visiting me ...see you tomorrow for just one piece.... YAY!

love lynx

Tuesday 25 October 2011


Welcome to day 25.... and TRY IT ON TUEDAY..... where our new challenge is to ALTER SOMETHING and USE FABRIC..... so you could alter a bag or t-shirt or use fabric when you alter something.... as i have.
I have been wanting to do this shadow box all month and finally got around to it...... ....... many of the pieces i had made early..... the dragon tile in the centre.... two faux porcelain skulls in the top section.... the steampunk skull in the mount.... lots of bits..... so it was a case of painting the 'frame'....i used a distressed paint technique... and papers from CRAFTYCHAOS THE BEST DIGI PAPERS EVER!

I bound up a plastic skeleton to make him appear as if hes sort of mummified..... i've used loads of bits and pieces i have had laying around waiting......

..... a dragon i made from clay..... a few skulls i made from clay too.

....charms, a bottle........ some rolled up canvas (fabric... see? )...... a small twig with tiny skulls hanging fom it..... i made tiny bandages so my mummy would have a few 'spares'....(more fabric!) and a brooch in the bottom centre hole......

.... now as for stamps.... i have used digis from SMEARED INK.... to make the 2x faux porcelain skulls, a digi from DELICIOUS DOODLES for the brooch and on the bottle is a real stamped label but i dont know whose...sorry. I hope you can join us this week..... the full blog roll is on my side bar.


thanks for visiting me today...see ya tomorrow love lynx PS did any of ya spot the 2x little frogs? They are just sooooo sweet!

Sunday 23 October 2011


Happy Monday and welcome to day 24 of the the 31 days.... today i have a few things to share with you guys.... 1st up as its Monday its gotta be MACABRE....... our new challenge is.....

Movie Madness: Pumpkinhead

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that is inspired in some way by that 'gourd-geous' B flick,
If you are one of the shameful few who have not seen the movie
(you know who you are!), then at the very least,
your project MUST include a pumpkin or a jack o lantern.
See? We know how to play nice.

I confess to being one of the shameful few who hasn't seen the movie.... and i have no intention of ever doing so! I like my horror movies in black and white.... no blood guts or gore.... and preferably with Vincent Price ,Peter Cushing or Boris Karloff in it!

I found images off the internet to make a collaged card.... a necklace and a matching box...... (if you enter the challenge this week you are in with a chance of winning them...poor you..... you can always not claim your prize..... thats happened before when i've offered up a prize.)
The necklace is 'old gold' coloured findings and chain.... asymmetrical....with pinky/peach glass pearls.... and Pumpkinhead sent into a mount at the centre bottom chain... with a flower!
The box is topped with a 'tile' i made using utee.... some acrylic and metal flowers and feathers, glitter paper ribbon.
We hope you can play along with us minions this week.... its an easy one for you 31 dayers ..... PUMPKINS!

Next up we have a new challenge for you at the SMUDGYANTICS..... .....the challenge is LEATHER AND you must use at least one SMEARED INK IMAGE.

I used POE from QUOTE THE RAVEN.....stamped onto shrink plastic and made into a flower rosette thingy..... i brought this bag in the sales this summer and decorated it to goth it up a bit!

The 3 zips have chains, beads and tiny velvet bows..... a large red crystal heart and the POE/LACE FLOWER.

I hope you can find time to play along this week... leather and lace..... I LOVE 'EM!

the full blog roll is on my sidebar.... we're in the last full week.... where has October gone?

I shall enter these pieces into the following challenges...... EMBOSS IT. (the box) SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES.(pumpkin head) MAKE /ALTER A BOX ANYTHING GOES/COMMENT ON OTHERS.(both) ONE FOR THE GIRLS. (both) 3D HALLOWEEN(both)

Thanks for visiting me...see you tomorrow for day lynx


Welcome to day 23 of the 31 days..... i have a couple of things to share with you today, the 1st is as yet just a shabby Raven flower.... i'm dithering about what to do with it.... make it into a brooch or add it to a necklace or maybe onto a lace cuff/glove? The raven image is from smeared ink and stamped onto shrink plastic.... shrunk and placed into a mount and glazed. All the fabrics are from my enormous fabric stash. My 2nd piece is all stamped and masked...using stamps from THIRD COAST. I coloured it with promarkers and ink..... not very Halloween but quite haunting i thought.

I shall enter these into the following challenges..... FLOWERS (the raven flower) HALLOWEEN COLOURS(raven flower) ONE LAYER CARD(lady running) NO DESIGNER PAPERS(lady running)

Thanks for visiting me today....the full blog list is still at the top of my sidebar.... Happy Sunday love lynx

Friday 21 October 2011

Day 22 of the 31 days and my 6th piece for DESTEMPELWINKEL

Welcome to day #23..... my 6th piece as guest designer at DESTEMPELWINKEL..... and today i have an altered paper mache skull to share with you. I used set #33 ANIMAL SKELETONS..... I stamped onto white fine grade tissue paper, i tore out my images an adhered them to the skull i had already painted off white and allowed to dry thoroughly.
When my images were completely dry, i 'aged' it in places with black and grey ink.... i glued on black gems, then gave the skull 2 coats of crafters enamel.

I wanted this skull to look similar to those amazing ancient decorated skulls.... its not as good as i would have liked but its not to bad.

I love this set of stamps.... i'm sure i'll use them for many more projects.

Please guys if you have time, click on my title to go to the DESTEMPELWINKEL DT blog... leave a comment and maybe become a follower....? I want brownie points with Jetske (the owner) as its one DT i aspire to be on sometime in the future when i'm good enough.

I shall enter this into the following challenges..... HALLOWEEN USE AT LEAST 3 THINGS FROM THE LIST...i used halloween, my favourite colour(black), not square, shades of grey and bats and spiders...

Thanks for visiting me today.... see you tomorrow for day23... love lynx