Friday 30 May 2014



Well.... here we are at the end of MAY celebrating all things MONSTER!
this'll take you to the linky for all the blogs taking part.
MONSTERS of all kinds  will be found on the participating blogs...
old monsters, new monsters.... the monsters that lurk in the darkness under your bed at night.
I love olde worlde monsters....
like the kind found on old maps of the then known world.... 'here be dragons' and all that.
I made some small gift boxes with this kind of monster on them....
did folks really believe these things existed?
A Cockatrice, dog-faced dragon and an octobat...someones mind sure worked over-time with these....
although if you've ever seen a duck-billed playpus or an aadvark maybe these imagined monsters don't seem quite so strange after all.
My other MONSTER MADNESS is unloved china dolls...
after saving many unloved examples from various neglectful homes i'm continuing my slow but sure mission of altering these into much loved 'children of darkness'... wether they be vampire, ghoul or zombies.
Many of these poor dears have been shut away in cupboard or placed on high shelves.... 
now with a little dark love and attention they are transformed into precious children of the night...
no longer hidden away by uncaring owners.... but given pride of place for all to see.
This little darling is  A ZOMBIE CHILD OF MINE... 
as yet she doesnt have a given name.... but she will...soon.

I hope you'll have time to check out all of the blogs celebrating 
MONSTER special thanks go to
ANNIE WALLS for organising this event.... maybe my zombie child should be called ANNIE?
Thank you for visiting BDx


  1. I think Annie is a brilliant name for her! Wonderful art as usual!

  2. I believe Dragons existed! It makes life much more bearable! ;)
    Annie looks like something I wouldn't want to wake up to... ;)

  3. Love the vintage looking images on the boxes!!! Ooooh, I could make some really cool jewelry with something like that. And your Zombie doll is perfect. Not too over the top. Subtle but very creepy ;)

  4. The zombie child should definitely be called Annie! Love the gift boxes too. :)

  5. Zombie child is awesome BD as is all you projects.

  6. Love your little boxes. Dragons still exist they've just had the good sense to go and hide far away from humans.

  7. That is one creepy doll! I need it for Halloween ;)

  8. Yes... the zombie child should most definitely be called Annie. I need this!!! =)

  9. Haha. Yeah, zombie child should definitely be called Annie! ;) Love your little "here be dragons" boxes too!!

  10. I love the boxes and it's so nice to these faded and abandoned china dolls given some creative love. The zombie is a sweetheart. With that tartan skirt, she should have a Scottish name. Morag!

  11. Gorgeous little treasures, those boxes and your doll has obviously been lovingly transformed. Fabulous as always, BD. xxD

  12. Coming from a country which has a dragon on its flag, and growing up hearing so many myths and legends, I'd like to believe they existed :)

    Your gift boxes are gorgeous, and your Zombie doll is perfect, Annie seems to suit her.

  13. Oh this is a wonderful post BD I love your work. I love the idea of old maps I shall be treasure hunting now. The boxes are beautiful and your doll is a trickster I think awesome art.
    susan s