Monday 23 December 2013


Welcome back......Well this is it.... the last day.
The full blog roll is on my side bar, You can hop all over the Creepmas period, when you're bored of the eating, drinking and being merry.....
 all the details about this amazing CREEPMAS CELEBRATION can be found on TERRA'S BLOG .
Please come and check out the SMEARED AND SMUDGED FORUM, which is FREE to join, we have loads of challenges, tutorials and different groups doing amazing things.
So i'll end with a POE pressie..... and a few pictures of my home decked out.
 This box of kiddies wooden domino's have all be altered using Smeared ink digi papers and stamps.
 Here is a pic of the box above and another domino box..... although the dominos in the smaller one haven't ben altered, i'll leave that to the friend who i'm sending them to.
 So now.... here is the Skull and bow tree .... its only 3ft tall but caused quite a stir when folks realise that the baubles are skulls.

 Here's my Ho Ho Poe hanging near the wall light.
 The little creepmas wreath from day  #1 has been added to the centre of our door wreath,
its surprised a few of our visitors.... I like that ;)
 Finally..... our very traditional tree in the lounge..... just so you know that I do still do Christmas as well as Creepmas.
Thanks for stopping by.... happy hoppy... have a wonderful CREEPMAS..BDx


  1. Fantastic altered dominos and boxes and what a typically wonderful creepas decorated room. Really enjoyed this Creepmas hop. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas
    Sue (The Nanny)

  2. BD these Creepmas decorations are fantastic! Love your tree with the altered skull ornaments, your wreath, and your domino box. Yep, everything!!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. I've so enjoyed your creations this Creepmas Blackdragon! Loving your skully baubles on the tree! And a fabulous gift, I love the altered domino boxes and the wee dominoes, they look fab! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! mo xxx

  4. wow, love those papers and the white poe contrasts brilliantly. Love the decs to, my kind of xmas look.xx Have a great holiday xxx

  5. Great altered project. I know how much you love Poe, so this prezzie is so fitting. I wish for you and your family the very Merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year.

  6. The domino box and dominoes are SPECTACULAR!!! What a great project. I really enjoyed seeing all of your decorations - beautifully done all around!

  7. That is soooo creative of you! It was such a pleasure to hop along side such a talented lady. I'm very inspired by all that you have done and what fun to surprise your guest this way lol

  8. Well ALL your decor is just fabulous, BD! Love the sneaking in of all the Creepmas surprises. LOL Fabulous dominoes with Poe and all. Have adored all of your projects throughout. Merry Creepmas, dear Dragon. xxD

  9. Wow this is fantastic! Your decors are striking and totally wicked. Merry Creepmas to you too! And Merry Christmas also.

  10. You are so incredibly creative BD. I LOVE how you live so far "out of the box!" These dominos are spectacular and that tree...omg-d it is the bomb! Your wall is great and that wreath, now you are speaking my kind of Christmas. This would be worth converting for...can you please give me Creepmas lessons so I can convert to Creepmas? lol xox