Thursday 5 September 2013


Ah, My Beloveds,
The Minions of The Master are at last back together, having suffered life's trials and tribulations that hath vexed them sorely. !!!  Twixt dire problems with health/succour and the dread scourge of the Devil's power /machinery they hath struggled and been fair lashed - but pulleth through with great gusto and with full might of Mojo :-)

Today The Master offer unto thee TIC,TAC,POE - such delights within the grid to spur thee to create wondrous offerings.

Watcheth thee also how the Followers of The Master doth creep ever nearer to the magic number of 100.  It will be with great elation that The Master shalt offer thee CANDY upon reaching the allotted number in honour of thy servitude. :-D

QUEST 24.... TIC, TAC, POE and herewith is thy Grid.

Accordingly, thou shalt chooseth any 3 Squares in whichever direction thy heart doth desire, and maketh therefrom a creation worthy of The Master - but I remind thee, lest thee forget.. thy creation must be connected to Edgar Allan POE to qualify for the Prize.

I have used the top row of the grid for this Halloween/creepmas decoration
Please dont look to closely ...i burnt the poor birds beak when i lit the candles :(
The raven from Smeared ink, Quoth the raven rubber stamp set, is decoupaged and sitting on rolled ribbon roses.
Thy Prize for such endeavours shalt be thusly.............

Please come and join in with us we love seeing the wonderous Poe inspired creations.
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  1. FAN -freakin'-TASTIC BD - this is one gorgeous, brilliant creation :-) I'm sure nobody noticed the nose haha LoL !!! :-D

    Huge Hugz
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx