Monday 4 July 2011


Sorry i have been absent for a has a nasty way of interferring with my crafting these days.
Its Monday so it is of cause MACABRE.... and we have a brand new challenge for you......
............................................................... .Xtremely Xhaustive

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
using looooooooooooooong elements.
Stretch your imagination and your stash, and use things like string or ribbon, or barbed wire or sinew and ligaments. It's your call.

I decided to alter another doll...... this one is called GLORIA............. after my teamie at MM.
You can see my long dangly bits...... a cord and a cross on a chain...... plus some of the flesh on her face is dangling off just a bit.
It would be great if you can join in the fun with us this week.....

I shall also enter Gloria into the following challenges.....

I know Zoe will laugh at this....not sure about anyone else...... my friend says i'll probably be damned to hell for this but.... a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.... and no offence is intended... its just for fun. ANYTHING GOES.... Zoe you like out of the ordinary? ALTER A DOLL OR ANY PART OF.... THE LETTER 'D'............ DOLL ANYTHING GOES........... Yep its anything!

Thanks for visiting me today...i hope to be back again soon.

love lynx


  1. You missed one Alter it Monthly which to be honest is creeping me out this month but your doll is perfect! LOL

    And thank you for sharing with us at Just for Fun we have been over run with cute and digi such a treat to see something more our style LOL

    Sorry life is throwing more curves at you just keep looking to the future gal! XOXO Zoe

  2. OMG!!!! Lynx, you've outdone yourself! That dangly flesh is the kicker for sure! Now I'm wondering what her knickers look like. LOL FABULOUS! xxD

  3. LOL and folks ask me why the topic of dolls creeps me out ....!!!!!!

    Very cool though. Actually a creepy doll is less creepy than a sweet victorian china doll ( they are made of pure evil I am convinced lol)

    thank you SO much for linking to Alter It Monthly. super entry. we appreciate it.
    Z x

  4. This little dolly is Glowbugg approved! She is awesome!!! So wickedly wonderful! Although I am not interested in her undergarments (Donna!), I am interested in aquiring her.I must have her in my collection. I need her like aother "bad habit" huh?! Bad joke, but it just fell out.

  5. hahahah lynnnnnnnnn.. you made me laugh so loud and longggggggggggggggg..
    this is so fabulous !!!!
    i realise now.. that in bad times the creative mind survives and keep comfort.. by being at its top..
    it was with me too.. when i was sooo down.. i created the most fantastic things..
    and felt comfort in creating them..
    i wish you soon better times..

  6. You are very talented and this is very scary which means you are doing things perfectly. YOu so rock x

  7. Yep a very scary piece indeed ! but I love it ! nice to see something different in blog land and this certainly fits the bill great work. Going to have a nose around your blog now to see what other disturbing things you have.


  8. oh just love this its brilliant, ,bless you for playing at anything goes,this week hugs cherylx

  9. Screem..and stunning. Really art in my eyes. Cool, cool, cool!!

  10. Oh I want this dolly!!! she is wonderful. I could have taken her with me to Sonisphere last weekend, she would have fit right in :)

    Your whole blog is wonderfully macabre, love it!

  11. Absolutely love th nun doll.Gosh these dolls can be creepy though!But absolutely stunning!

    hugs judex