Wednesday, 5 January 2011


On the SMEARED AND SMUDGED FORUM we have a new group that Alex has just started ...its ART JOURNALING..... just 10 minutes a day...more if you want.... but basically its just supposed to get you to have 10 minutes of personal creative time every day...... since sunday when i signed up, i have created 2 pages.... and the cover of this sketckers pad. I took the orginal cover off and replaced it with really thick kraft coloured board.... a black fake leather strip down the binding side and holes.
I used 2 new stamp sets from SMEARED INK...... URBAN DECAY and INKY DREAMS. I stamped my images in black...... smeared lots of black ink around, then used a white pen for the high lights.
I really...REALLY love these screw-heads....... and there are loads of STAMPS.... different bits and bobs on URBAN DECAY..... washers, bolts...wire... AMAZING STAMPS!

The splatters are from INKY DREAMS..... these 2 stamp plates are incredible..... i know i'm gonna use 'em soooooo much.
Below is my 1st completed page..... now who would i take my art journal journey with but MR POE? So i did my 1st page featuring me as a dragon.... ask anyone...i am a DRAGON ..... and POE.

If you fancy taking a look at what the guys on the forum are doing click my title..... it takes you to the main page and then just follow the likes for ART JOURNAL....... join in with us..... we are all just having fun... NO PREASURE ...NO STRESS....NO DEADLINES..... JUST GOOD HONEST ARTY FUN.
thanks for visiting me today..... my 2nd page will be here on friday.... i tied it to my dt piece for TELLENS PLACE.
love lynx


  1. Hiya Lyn. Wonderful creativity, and you have made a great artistic start to your journal. Happy crafting.
    With love, Sandra xxx

  2. OOOOO....I love your cover! So glad I final get to see it and it's amazing! TFS

  3. SO fabulously grundgey!!! uber gorgeous and inspiring!!

    love love this lyn!!


  4. omg how amazingly cool and wonderful is this art journal (you rock!) x