Monday, 22 November 2010


Its MONDAY so it must be MACABRE!

We have a brand new challenge for starting today and its to MOVIE MAYHEM...NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

When i think of this string of movies i think of Freddies blade-hand so thats what i went with. I used oil paint, black and white only, onto canvas..... i used a brush and my fingers.... my nails are still black.... and tried to depict the light just catching the edges of the blade and his hat.... my Dad cant see what any of it is, and my friend says its a dragons claw.... so hey-ho i think this one is a bit of a bummer! BUT i had fun!

Please come and join in with us.... you need to go check out what the rest of the DT have done as i'm sure theirs will be more recognisable as NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET!

Thanks for visiting me.... love lynx


  1. What are they like? I can see what it is, but then you know I'm a bit wierd too!
    My kids saw the later one they did with the original girl in it, they couldn't see what all the fuss was about!! Mind you, it was rather a naff movie!! LOL

  2. OMG, Lynx! I got it immediately and thought you found it somewhere on the net as an official advertisement or something. It is SOOO FRICKIN' COOL! I LOVE it! You are SOOOO TALENTED! xxD

  3. WOW this is just brilliant, love your artwork x

  4. I knew what it was just from the tiny blog preview thumbnail!!! This is absolutely incredible! I am in awe!!! You really created something that is creeptastic and fabulous!!!

  5. Well Freddie must've had a dragon's claw - because I recognised it as well. It's absolutely spectacular and you achieved what you set out to do .... a feat in my eyes
    Helen xxx