Wednesday 27 October 2010


Welcome to day 27 and and my offering today is a large...for me HUGE.... mixed media piece.
It is about 20x20 inches done onto a stretched box canvas.
I shall try later today to take a photo of it hanging on the wall so you can see it all at once... i am useless at taking pictures and have missed the bottom off.

All the stamps used are from SMEARED INK.... QUOTH THE RAVEN SET.... my total favourite set as i am a POE NUT!
Mr Poe in the centre i copied from the stamped image onto thick hessian and painted in oils.
I cut the front off a plastic skull.... amazingly i didnt cut my own fingers when i did it!

You can see i have used so much stuff on this piece.... the locket opens and closes.... the hands are through the canvas and can clutch the locket open or closed.

I have used scrabble style tiles to spell out my words.

Black feathers on chains... oh loads of stuff.... the ornate scroll thingy at the top i salvaged of my grandads old fire before i took it to the 'tip'...i told him i'd reuse it!

I hope you have time to look at the detail... there is tons of stuff here... i have been working on this for over a week... in bits of cause.... and the texture is just what i wanted.

Thanks for visiting.... the list of WICKED BLOGS is still at the top of my sidebar.... have fun hopping ...i know you'll see some amazing projects.
See you tomorrow for day 28...where has october gone?
love lynx


  1. WOW!!!! super, flippin', wicked awesomeness! love all the details!

  2. Seriously? How is that you can daily wow me more then I thought possible??? Your talent is never-ending! This is (again I say) STUNNING!!! I need to try to make one of these for myself... Awesome! Where did you get the fabulous teeny hands?

  3. This is.....I have no words. AMAZING! Another true work of art!

  4. that is amazing! awesome! wicked!

  5. Hi Best bud this is outstanding I am so lucky that I can see it in real life the photos are good but in real life this is mindblowing
    Luv Jane xxxx

  6. Terrific wall art. So many details and so much to look at.

  7. OMGAWD!!! Look at all that yumminess...I absolutely love love this.....what another great piece of art girl...simply stunning!!!!


  8. This is sooo amazing, I'm SPEECHLESS!!!I plan on studying every exquisite detail!!!!! So so FABULOUS, Lynx! xxD

  9. That is so amazing, I know each time I look at it I'll see another aspect.

  10. Well I have had tis page open for ages just trying to take in every thing. Jane you are one lucky lady to be able to see this in real life. I am speechless.... yet again... with all the detail. Those hands!!!!
    Helen xxx

  11. Superb! Wonderful images and textures. Love those hands!

    Janet xx

  12. What a magnificent work of art! You are truely amazing, so much detail... i love it!

  13. wow I am speechless...this is so wonderful!