Thursday 19 August 2010


Well this week i have been totally diverse with my crafting creations.... and this one is for the SMEARED INK CHALLENGE. ..... which is to use all the COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW.... and any SMEARED INK stamps. I used the flower with the skull centre from the KILLER BO PEEP set.... stamped on to white shrink plastic, coloured with pencil..... one in each colour of the rainbow.... red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
I made a bracelet with pandora style beads (from my rather large bead stash)and silver coloured beads with bales, so that i could attach my tiny skullflowers with jump rings.

I have coloured the back of each bead to match the front so when they are dangling they dont look scruffy.

Please go over to SMEARED INK and vote for your favourite entry... there are 6 entries this week and we would all really appriciate your vote..... I hope you like my RAINBOW BRACELET enough to vote for me BUT.... please vote for your favourite..... NOT YOU TERRY!!!!!
Thanks for visiting...... come and visit me tomorrow.... i'll be back in creepy mood for my TELLENS PLACE SPOT.
love lynx


  1. LOL!! Lyn, you know I will vote for my favorite! Why won't you believe you're my favorite! LOL! I love this bracelet - you really amaze me with the unlimited boundary of your talent. I can only look at these and wish that I could whip something so fantastic up myself! I am so happy that I am friends with someone so talented as you. This is beautiful, Lyn. Really beautiful!

  2. This is so awesome! Definitely my favorite project of the batch!