Friday 9 July 2010


I adore SMEARED INK stamps, and its not because i'm on the DT, its because the are different from the norm, slightly strange, off beat. and just a bit wicked.... sums me up to a 'T' .
The 1st challenge for july was to use the HOLY CITY set..... the set .... approxA4size sheet... of photo real stamps is totally Fantastic..... scenes from cemeteries...grave stones.... you know stuff i quite simply adore.
I decided to make a necklace and recycled some charity shop finds.... the heart was plain white, so i stamped on it with stazon. When dry i dabbed a tiny amout of purple alcohol ink around the edge of the front and tiny bits to add colour and depth to the image.
The sides and back are alcohol inked, randomly with black and purple.
On the back i stamped one of the SMEARED INK ,GODDESSES, and quickly wiped the ink off to leave the image in white on the inked surface.

I added a couple of crosses and a couple of dangly black beads to the simple necklace of squre black and tiny round silver beads.
If you would be so kind as to go to the SMEARED INK CHALLENGE.... click my post header, it should take you there.... click on 'VOTE' and please place your vote for which ever of the 3 entries you like best.... i would love you to vote for me.... but and it is a BIG BUT.... the other 2 entries are awesome, made by guys on the dt with me and if you like one of them more than mine and i wouldnt be surprised if you did.... please vote for them instead of me.... we would all like your votes but we'd all like you to see how wonderful these grave yard stamps are.
Thanks for stopping by. love lynx


  1. Lynx, I love this necklace and I want it! It's so darn awesome! You always make such amazing things...and now jewelry! I am so happy to be on this DT with you!!!

  2. I love that you are not all cards - it inspires me to go beyond the norm...though I still procrastinate about it, don't I? :-) I love the necklace - it is truly dark and lovely; I voted for my fav! :-) YOU!! :-)

  3. Woo this is awesome!!! So simple but so effective... long time no see, my dragon sister!!!
    Huge hugs

  4. this is so brilliant and amazing, I love it x

  5. Are you kidding me1? This is sooo freakin' cool!!!! Of COURSE I voted for you! xxD

  6. Woman, is there ANYTHING you can't do?! This is fantastic!

  7. lynn.. what a wonderfull neckless you made !!!
    i lovvvvveeeeeeee it !!
    by the way.. how are you doing??
    i was to busy lately to make cards.. but i think and hope i am back again !!