Tuesday 11 May 2010

Tuesday taggers... out of my comfort zone by 10 miles!

Sally chose the challenge at TUESDAY TAGGERS this week.... THANK YOU SALLY!!!!! Not!!! But seriously it made me 'think' so its a brilliant challenge... and its to step out of your comfort zone.... DO SOMETHING THATS NOT YOUR USUAL THING.......
So for you sally.... i went with white.... normally black.... and patterned mirri card.... normally dull or well inked! Or both! I used one of the GODDESS stamps from SMEARED INK http://www.smearedink.com/ embossed in gold..... cut down and mouned on gold mirricard... then i mounted that onto white card i'd punched all the edges on... then on more mirricard.... then more white... more mirri and finally onto a white card base. I added flower brads to 3 corners of the punched white card layer and 3 silk flowers with brads in the centre and gold ribbon to the fourth corner.
This is as far from my normal style as i could get.....( the only thing more unlike 'me' would be a fur-fabric pink cat) GOLD,WHITE, FLOWERS, LAYERS, AND RIBBON...... BUT I AM PLEASED WITH HOW LOVELY THE STAMP LOOKS EMBOSSED..... CLASSY!
Thanks for stopping by, please come and join us this week and do something totally different.... thank you sally..... i really enjoyed the challenge!
love lynx


  1. This def. is completely different from your usual style, but it really does look great!

  2. Obviously you took this challenge seriously!Sooo not your style but the result is GORGEOUS!The embosses imaged it fab and I love the embellies. BTW, Congrats on the win at HDH. No surprise there. xxD

  3. Hiya Lyn. WOW, this is brilliant. Whether its out of your comfort zone or not, its just absolutely BRILLIANT. Great job. I love that image and it is such a beautiful and very striking card. Well done Lyn.
    By the way, if you didnt see my last comment, please pop over to my blog, there is something there for you, ok. Happy crafting.
    Lots of love, Sandra xx

  4. Aren't you the clever darling? I love this beautiful card and yes, it's you hiding behind the cloak of darkness, that sweet and wonderful lovely of all lovelies! Girl, this is just gorgeous! I love that image and the flowers; that gold just pops, doesn't it? How are you my friend. I know you're busy, just missing ya! :-) Lots of love and hugs!

  5. You know I love and am a huge fan of your darkside, but your softer side rocks it hard too. This card is absolutely stunning!

  6. I always admire yr dark creations, but this is gorgeous too, Sally did give us a fab challenge

  7. Lyn, this card is beautiful! Light--Dark, you just so rock either way!

  8. It's fabulous but then all your work is... which is why I introduced you to Inspirational!!! Lovely work as always

  9. This is stunning lyn x Thanks for joining in the out of your comfort zone week - a challenge we have all risen to!

  10. Thank you Lyn, for producing such an amazing card! I would never have guessed it was yours at all! It is stunning! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I don't know about you, but the next thing I make is going to be very much in my comfort zone!

  11. Beautiful card lovely image love how you put it togather.

  12. That is fucking awesome dude! I freaking love it! Great job!

  13. Not your usual style but certainly a fabulous card. Gorgeous image and so elegant. Sally certainly got us going with this challenge!
    Pat xx

  14. As everyone before has said....absolutely awesome. Maybe coming out of comfort zones should be encouraged more often because you certainly came out of yours big time and with big style.

  15. Hi Lyn
    Well I never! not only have you gone white - you've gone pretty too! Wonderfully so! and definately well outside your normal crafting - Brilliant!
    x Michelle