Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I was considering never speaking to Suzanne again after she won the 50 stamps that Barb at stampitcrazy was giving way.... but i thought....' oh how childish'..... so i'll just sulk and be catty in her presence!
The challenge from last thusday was to BRIGHTEN or WARM.... you creation.... HOW MUCH WARMER DO YOU WANT!!!!
I used flames and words are from BOMBSHELL STAMPS and the bike is from STAMPITCRAZY.... coloured with ink and water colours.
I am now actually to late to enter Suzannes challenge with this so i might as well have ignored her!!! I hope you realize i am only jesting.... and sulking... and miffed that she won and i didn't!
Thanks for looking xxxlynx


  1. Awesome! Love it!!! You must teach me how to mask!!!

  2. LOL! Oh you do make me laugh. I don't know Suzanne at all but I am sending some flashing green thoughts in her direction for winning all those lovely stamps :P