Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dragonsdream, tag it on....

We invite you to dream a tag on the theme of mad march - think lambs, hares / rabbits, windy days, blossom / spring flowers, new colours etc etc... it's a very open theme so dream away, but please use at least one real stamp... ENJOY!!Frankie xx

That is what Frankie asked me to do for her as she is still unable to stamp.... this is what it meant to me.... i used a page out of my worn, torn and abused copy of 'Diary of an edwardian lady'.... I HAVE A GOOD COPY .... on the book shelf..... i stamped the page with daffodils and rabbits.... cut it to size.... and stamped a lion in the top right hand corner.... i used some 'MARCH' sayings from the same book, tore them out... inked them and pasted them on with the 'in like a lion....' near the lion... see the logic here? I cut out some lambs and stuck them on with one of them looking at the lion... its coloured with water colours and ink.... and i havent even put black round the edges... VERY SPRING LIKE FOR ME!
Please come and play along.... its wonderful to know DRAGONS aren't going extinct!
Click on the title to take you to Dragons dream, and come and dream for a while.
Thanks for looking and THANK YOU FRANKIE for allowing me to share your dream again this week.
love lynx


  1. is brown the new black for you?? hey hey! I got the "in like out like" right away. Great job on the tag.


  2. Woo you kept it SO light and not at all scary!!!! Tee hee. I LOVE it and it is so clever with it's lion and lamb conotations... You are such a good dragon to help an injured colleague!!! I will be glad when my wings are mended again so I can soar as well as dream. Bless you BD

  3. Beautiful and I love that you are helping Frankie... I have to get back there and make some tags.. I missed her since I had my hiatus this summer, and need to play along again... what was I thinking???