Friday 26 February 2010


The challenge this fortnight at DARKNESS INSPIRATIONS is..........SCARY CLOWNS....
the challenges i like doing are having a run on clowns at the moment and i really dislike them... they give me the heebees.
Thes 2 ATC'S were made using a T!M HOLTZ stamp as the background and Markus the artist at TELLENS PLACE drew me the skullz.... they are so creepy and wonderfully easy to alter... i'm gonna do a lot with these i know for sure!
Both atcs are coloured with water-colours and ink.... the bottom one has glitter card put behind the skullz eyes.... the other has a red nose made from one of those candy-dot things.
Thanks for looking love lynx


  1. LOVE these!!! Definitely creepy-cool, Lynx :)

  2. You do a great job of hateing Clowns..LOL

  3. Oh dang, these are FAB but scary looking. The first one reminds me of Stephen King's "It" movie. Ugh..that was creepy, what a way to bring back horrid memories.

    Love it though.

  4. These are great! As soon as I saw the clown I thought of the Stephen King Movie "It".

  5. OOoh... so did I - I saw that skull and its nose and thought - it looks like a clown, like in Stephen King's Movie "It." That creeped me out...but the other skulls...really creepy but boy do I love it! You really are great with these...I need to find some stamps like these...hopefully they won't give me nightmares!

  6. Ohhh, these are great! Spooky and scary! Love the red nose and eyes!