Sunday 15 November 2009


The theme at MACABRE MONDAYS ..... until tomorrow... last as always hey?.... is ....
BIZARRE BEAUTY SCHOOL DROP OUT.... my lady didnt so much dropout ... she dropped dead.... long dead i think,,,, starting to decay, doesnt smell to good and has rather bad breath.....
anyway.... i drew the face, stamped a grave yard and a verse... both cherrypie... and coloured with pencils and coipous amountts of ink.
Thank you for looking and i really must start doing this challenge earlier in the week... its one of only 3 challenges i do simply because i love doing them so i really must try harder... sorry barb!!!


  1. That's another great collage....nice that you combined it with some of your own drawing skills.

  2. different. but that's you - different - which is why i love seeing your creations! super job. and i love your description too!


  3. Fantastic work as always, Lynx... love the hand drawn work! Late or not ;) I always look forward to what you create... thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  4. very first thing, THANK YOU so much for your support of my new venture into blog-land. Bless you for your compliments.
    Second, If you were to get your entries done earlier, I could be inspired by yours more. So I agree with you, you should get them done ...wink wink nudge nudge..
    Now the best part.. Whoa, wickedly brilliant card. Love your hand drawn elements. She looks as dead as she smells... I can read a whole lot of serious back story into that art piece. But then I have a very large imagnation! Thanks again Lynx... hugs, the Oz

  5. Lovely...or not! she's a great entry for the challenge, but please don't let her know where I live--I don't wanna see her outside my window!

  6. Your drawing is wonderful. How lucky you are to be able to draw.

    Such sad news about your sweet dog. I know how much that can hurt.


  7. Great stuff hun. So artistic. You should sell ths work!!

    Love ya

  8. You are in my thoughts, darling girl, love you. Avril xxx