Thursday 9 July 2009

The three muses

The challenge this week at the three muses is 'SURREAL'.
What could be more surreal than HRH, sitting on a beach, dressed as a clown leaning on a tea pot?
The background and tea pot are rub-ons, the clown body is a mamlock scrap and the head of HRH is from a book of bank notes.
Thanks for coming to look... unless you are HRH then i'm terribly sorry!!!

I do love these muses challenges!!!!


  1. Oh wow this is fantastic.
    Looks great.

  2. ....and these Muses love your art!! This is rollicking great fun, surreal for sure, and the clown feet extending beyond the card are the most perfect touch! It's all just perfect! Thanks for bringing your talent to our challenge.

  3. Very good, and very surreal
    Beryl x

  4. As long as HRH has a good cup of tea, I'm sure she'll be happy! This is good, surreal fun! Hugs, Terri

  5. I love your sense of humour! This is a riot and so clever. Yes, how more surreal that seeing HRH dressed as a crown and leaning on a teapot. Fantastic take on the challenge!!

  6. Great design, and it made me chuckle, too!

  7. Really like how those huge feet extend beyond the piece!