Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New challenge at rosie-dees

This is a sneak-peek of what i have created for the new challenge that started at rosie=dees on sunday.... i am really sorry i'm late posting this.... i thought i'd done... but i hadnt...i only thought i did! I must be going senile.... or just plain crazy maybe?
Anyhow if you wanna find out more about what i have made... and i'll tell you the theme this fortnight is 'JUST FOR MEN'.... you'll need to go over to Rosie-dees and check it out... the other DT's have done some brilliant things... and everyone needs things just for men, dont they?
The link as usual is one my side bar.... i am still studying Teri's instructions on how to do links and one day i'll be brave enough to try it out!
Thanks for looking... hope you have time to join in the challenge.... you have 2 weeks... nearly!


  1. Hey, If I can learn how to link you can too, Just highlight the word, look for the chain link above it... and type in the blog address..and save.. WOO HOO! Easy as creating these card! HA!

  2. Lyn I have been waiting patiently for you to post this so I could come and personally thank you for using my image, I absolutely love what you done to my lil frog lmao..toadally awesome lmao...no for real, he is perfect..I am following your blog, would love for you to follow mine if your not already.. www.stitchystamps.blogspot.com
    stitchy xx