Sunday, 12 October 2014


Here we are on DAY # 12 of this month long hop hosted by
The full blog roll is on my side bar where it shall remain all month long.
Details of prizes, rules etc can be found HERE
Just a calender page for you today...and a little peek of something else you'll see later in the hop at DOMINOART.
 I am so pleased that I managed to finish my calender before the beginning of this hop.....
not sure what I'd do if I had to do it and other 31 day projects every day.... my craftroom and dining room look like a bomb as been dropped on them with so many projects in the prep stages or half done.
My girls have been quite enjoying eating their meals on trays in the lounge some nights
 but I had to have a massive clear up yesterday before my parents came for a meal.... my dad and stepmum would be horrified if I gave 'em a meal on a tray cos' of the Hallowe'enie stuff on the table.
Took me all morning to get all the stuff laid out again on the dining table... feel much more at home now!!!
Anyhow...I digress.... today's calender page was made with my sister in mind....
she detests spiders.... nothing in this world scares her more.
Stamps are paper artsy... stamped ,masked, coloured in my usual way.
 Here is a little before shot of the games pieces I have altered and you'll see the finished items at DOMINOART later in the hop today.
Thanks for continuing to take the time to visit..... it makes eating on a tray in the lounge worth while!
see you tomorrow for DAY #13...... ITS A BUMPER DAY FOR ME.... 3 projects, 1 day,eeeeeekkkk!!!!


  1. Your contribution to DominoArts today is magnificent.
    Spiders and webs, oh MY!

    Thanks for the sacrifices you and your family make for this hop.

  2. Nothing is scarier than spiders in a giant web. Although I dislike spiders I love the overall calendar page today.

  3. Those spiders are incredibly real-looking! Gave me the shivers!

  4. Hell, we always eat dinner in the lounge. Even when the kitchen AND dining room tables are empty. LOL I guess not with company, though. Gotta say, those are the creepiest spiders EVER! EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxD

  5. Such a lovely treat to spook your sister, LOL, these are so creepy! Awesome page and love looking at it despite the creepy spideys. oooo what is a dining table? Mine think it is normal to eat on trays 'cuz of my ongoing play in what used to be the kitchen space...


  6. Fabulous page! Especially for your sister, I'm sure she'll love it!!! Bwahahaha
    Love the wed and spiders, and great skull! x

  7. Thia is so faboo I can't wait to see the altered game peices

  8. Absolutely love your calendar page today BD! Love your story of the bomb going off in your house, I feel sooooo much better now LOL coz my studio looks the same way AND my kitchen counters too (which I did have to clean up, such a nuisance LOL).
    Thrilled to have you playing on DominoART today! :0)

  9. This page is creepy and I am not a spider person either but I love the mix of colours

  10. Love to hear you had to clear up for visitors!! I tend to take over with my crafting wherever I am! I have just been staying at my daughter's for a few days - I am sure she is very pleased that her house is now back to normal! Love your calendar page - super webs and spiders (nice to think of your sister!) and skull! I look forward to the altered games pieces!

  11. Fab calendar page for today, that skull is my favorite. Can't wait to see your project for DominoArt!

  12. Skellies and spiders, my cup of tea! Fab coloring and shading and those spiders are awesome! Another howl-tacular page! Can't wait to see what the game pieces turn into...

  13. Loved your dominoArt and love this page! Great scary job with all those spiders!

  14. Oooh that's a hard one - skulls, skeletons, webs or spiders - eeeekkkkkk!!! Love this scary page :)

  15. Fab calendar page, those spiders are super creepy. My kitchen table is covered with all my supplies too :)

  16. Crafting several projects a day could be scarier! You are doing a fangtastic job creating, crafting and posting for every day! Thank you.