Monday, 8 March 2010


The challenge this week over at STAMPITCRAZY is .... your FAVOURITE SONG.....
i used chip board letters.... stamped paint brushes and cut 'em out.... made a background with splodges of various paints..... now come on guess what my favourite song is....?

PAINT IT BLACK..... by the Rolling stones.
Thanks for looking.... whats your favourite song then?
love lynx


  1. oooooooooooook, LOL I would of never guessed that song for sure, as I was into disco not Rock...LOL Man, I got to think darker...thats for sure!!! Thanks for playing

  2. clever you are my friend - love that paint brushing with the chipboard letters; you're so darn talented! My favorite song is always the golden oldies...back to the '50's!

  3. I have to many favorite songs. I keep changing my mind.
    You, on the other hand, should stick with the mind you have! It works GREAT! Love the card and soooo friggin clever! Oz

  4. Fab work! Lol, I've had so much trouble picking a fabourite song that I nearly gave up, but I finally have one in mind, so should be all set, yay :D

  5. This one is awesome too! Lov'n everything!
    I have something for you on my blog. I realize it might be a bit bright, but maybe you can alter it! LOL!
    Love your crafty works!!
    Rach ~ Queen La Rubba

  6. This is such a sad song. And a very beautiful one. I had not known this song until I started playing the guitar - well,I tried playing the guitar. But at least I can play the chords of this song. And I love to sing it - but I only sing when my flatmates are not around.
    Your ATC is fab - as your idea. I looks like a little quiz. But because of the long time it took to load I read the text first and had no chancee to guess. :-(